Release paper

    • PE extrusion coating on paper substrate or special coating on one side or both sides. A product that provides uniform and excellent release properties through silicone mold release treatment.
    • A variety of mold release forces can be implemented according to customer needs.
    • Industrial use: adhesive labels, PVC interior sheets, double-sided tape, automobiles, etc.
    • Medicinal use: pharmaceutical and medical products
    • Eco-friendly: Solvent-free silicone and None-PE release paper
Paper Ground basis weight (g/m2) Peel force (g/inch) Maximum width (mm)
CP paper, white, yellow kp 57~150 3~200 1600
Product family Structure Characteristic
Relese Paper
(Extrusion PE Type)
  • - For protection of various adhesives such as acrylic and rubber
  • - Various structures available depending on customer needs
  • - Realization of stable physical properties (uniform mold release force , excellent residual adhesion)
Relese Paper<
(Non-PE Type)
  • - Excellent heat resistance properties can be realized when working at high temperatures.
  • - Realization of stable physical properties (realization of uniform release force and residual adhesion)