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    Product Composition
    • Our company produces FIBC Bag products that are used to package and transport cathode materials, a key material for lithium-ion batteries.
    • The FIBC Bag produced by our company has an outer shell made of PP (Polypropylene) and an inner body made of aluminum composite film. This product consists of a liner.
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    Product Features
    • The inner liner made of aluminum composite film completely blocks moisture from the anode material, which is vulnerable to moisture.
    • Because the quality of lithium-ion batteries may deteriorate when foreign matter enters the cathode material, our company strictly controls foreign matter when producing FIBC bags.
    • Equipped with an automatic sealing machine, we have solved the problems of manual sealing.(poor sealing, contamination of foreign substances, low productivity, etc.)
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    Core quality
    • Our company has an automatic sealing machine (Embang machine), preventing problems in the manual sealing process (poor sealing, contamination of foreign substances) There is no loss of quality, etc.
    • We are able to control foreign matter, the most important required quality of FIBC bags for cathode materials, from the production stage of the inner liner’s triple composite film. It is possible to manage foreign matter in all processes from the production stage of triple composite film. (Clean room production, foreign matter removal device)
    • We have developed a product that improves holes caused by crumpling, folding, etc. of the inner liner during the compression process when packing FIBC bags.