Release Film

    • PET substrate with excellent heat resistance and tensile performance Silicone mold release treatment on one side and both sides a product that provides uniform and excellent release properties through
    • For precision and industrial products such as medical patches , mobile processes, and protective films realization of excellent applicable physical properties
    • Anti-static function treatment available to improve static electricity problems between processes (105~9)
    • Applicable to optical applications such as OCA
    • Fluorine release treatment possible depending on adhesive characteristics
PET thickness(um) Haze(%) Peel force(g /Inch) Maximum width(mm)
19~188 1~5 3~200 1570
Product family Structure Characteristic
Transparent / Matte release film
  • - For protection of various adhesives such as acrylic and rubber
  • - For mold release , process or process protection
  • - High-speed operation possible
  • - Stable physical properties (uniform mold release force , excellent residual adhesion)
Color release film
  • - Excellent thermal properties for high-temperature applications
Anti-static release film
  • - Implementation of various colors and stable anti-static performance
  • - Implementation of various anti-static performance (105~109)
  • - Function to prevent foreign substances and dust from entering during the work process
  • - Minimize silicon layer destruction by preventing static electricity